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Tuscan Harris

Group General Manager

Is a holistic, organic and authentic business development and HR professional who leads by example, strategises complete solutions and drives all key verticals for business success, personnel growth and stakeholder satisfaction.

Mr Harris has over 3 decades of experience with business and emotional development, accounting and financial compliance, copyright and patent processes and Australian Taxation laws and legislation. Setting up dozens of successful business in his career Tuscan is proud to be mentor of many and an inspiration to all.

Graduating from Hale Private School for Boys in 1990 as a School Prefect,Vice House Captain, Vice Captain of Athletics, Captain of Cross Country and President of Dramatic Society, Tuscan was a leader & high achiever from a very early age.

After taking a gap year traveling Australian and living in Melbourne Tuscan returned to Western Australia to be accepted into the extremely competitive Performance Art Faculty of Edith Cowan University, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). During this time Tuscan learnt extreme discipline, focus, independence, emotional and self control, receiving a scholarship in his first year Tuscan over came many obstacles to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Art with High Distinctions.

Over the next decade Tuscan work within his own Pty Ltd company that represented him all over the world through his live performances and theatre productions he participated in owning copy write and publishing rights to the art works he generated.

In 2001 Tuscan moved to Sydney when he focused on marketing and business development. Gaining a certificate 3 in Business, Tuscan further developed his company but found great satiation by leveraging his knowledge and business accruement by assisting start up companies in Medical and IT, Marketing and Print Media.

Setting up several companies as co-owner in 2014 Tuscan was well place to drive these companies to enormous success and finds his greatest satisfaction is helping others to achieve their business goals and personal dreams.

Throughout his career Tuscan has over come adversity, challenged unethical leadership, expose corruption and consistently succeeds in obtaining his gaols.

Understanding the responsibility each generation has for the next, Tuscan strives to ensure the development of ethical and sustainable company ethos as critical. Ensuring corporate identity is hand-in-hand with human interaction and the desire to literally make the world a better place.

Insuring the companies he leads have at their fundamental ethos a responsibility to the people they service, and the people they employ, empowering them to receive the knowledge they desire for their own success and intern insuring the success of the company that employ’s them.

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