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How to Support Your Patient during Treatment With Us

Chronic pain is a complex condition that affects various aspects of a person’s life including the physical, psychological, and social wellbeing.

Providing the best possible management for chronic pain can be challenging. Our team of pain specialists aim at assisting you in providing the best quality, individualised, multidisciplinary pain management plan for your chronic pain patients. We offer the following treatment for your patients:

  • Multidisciplinary pain management

    Our team of pain specialists are advocates of conservative treatment approach for chronic pain. We aim to help your patients avoid undergoing extensive, unnecessary surgeries and relying on drugs associated with risks of dependency or side-effects by offering a multidisciplinary pain management program with our team of physiotherapists and psychologists.

    Generally, for your patients who are spiralling down the chronic pain vicious circle including pain from injuries related to work or accidents, we offer our intensive pain management program called Regain pain program include a link here that will lead them to SSP rehab website of info regarding the programs We also offer less intensive pain management programs and one-on-one sessions depending on their situation.

    Our team of physiotherapists and psychologists are highly skilled with providing pain management for different pain conditions including neuropathic pain, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and pain secondary to musculoligamentous issues.

    **To refer your patients directly to the Sydney Spine & Pain Rehab, please use this referral form.

  • Interventional pain therapy

    For your patients suffering from discovertebral and facetogenic degenerative issues, we are offering targeted spinal injections with cortisone and local anaesthetic for diagnostic purposes and interim pain relief. For persistent pain with minimal benefits from cortisone injections, we offer more aggressive intervention including radiofrequency ablation procedures to provide longer lasting pain relief.

    We offer trigger point injections, muscle, tendon or joint injections with cortisone, local anaesthetic, platelet rich plasma or botulinum toxin for localised pain region.

    For neuropathic pain with sympathetic nerve dysfunction or CRPS, we offer stellate ganglion blocks for upper limb pain and lumbar sympathetic nerve blocks at L3 and L4 for lower limb pain.

    We also offer the latest neurostimulation technology for back pain with radiculopathy and other pain conditions including failed back-surgery syndrome, CRPS and chronic headaches.

    For your patients with chronic pain associated with opioid dependency, we offer in-hospital ketamine infusion. This will facilitate gradual weaning of opioids or opioid replacement therapy whilst avoiding significant withdrawals.

    For severe cases of opioid dependency and chronic pain, we also offer the latest targeted drug delivery with an implantable intrathecal pump device. The technology facilitates the release of pain medication directly into the epidural space, which would then eliminate the need to take opioids in other forms.

    **Kindly see the following brochures regarding the procedures that we offer for your patients below. We encourage giving them to your patients or having them available in your medical practice for their reference.

  • Pharmacotherapy

    Our pain specialists prescribe various analgesic medication for different pain conditions. Drugs of dependency has been an ongoing problem for the general practitioners and specialists all over Australia. Our pain management team is aiming at helping you with this issue and ensures a responsible prescription of medication in accordance with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and NSW Health guidelines. One of our key goals is to exhaust all alternative options to help your patients with less use of opioids.

    Our team of pain specialists aim at forming a professional relationship with referring general practitioners. We ensure that the referring doctors are kept up to date with the recent treatment proposals and adjustments with pain medication. Depending on the pain condition, some of your patients would require ongoing prescription with opioids. In order to support your patients during treatment with us, our pain specialists will require your role and will guide you towards responsible prescription of restricted medications in accordance with the policy and requirement of the government.

We will be very happy to embark on a journey with you to provide the best quality of pain management for your patients with chronic pain. Referring your patients to us is very simple.


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