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Self Management

Self-management refers to a person’s ability to manage their pain symptoms and treatment as well as the physical, emotional and social consequences and life-style changes caused by chronic pain.

Self-management includes education on acute vs. chronic pain, managing stress and pain, and appropriate use of medications. Self-management focuses on stress reduction, cognitive restructuring, behavioural modification, sleep improvement, self-confidence, and dealing with pain flare-ups.

Methods of supporting the self-management of your pain include:

  • Giving you information about your pain condition
  • Showing you how to best use your pain medication
  • Helping you manage symptoms that may include:
    • Fatigue
    • Insomnia
    • Pain-flare ups
    • Provoking and aggravating factors
  • Helping you manage the psychological consequences of chronic pain like:
    • Anxiety
    • Coping
    • Depression
    • Disease acceptance
    • Problem solving
    • Stress
  • Improving your life-style:
    • Exercise
    • Exercise motivation/overcoming barriers to exercise adherence
    • Holidays
    • Leisure activities
    • Nutrition and diet
    • Setting goals
    • Smoking cessation
  • Providing you with social support where needed:
    • Family support
    • Relationships with family and peers
  • Improving your self-confidence:
    • Assertiveness
    • Communication strategies (e.g. with doctors)

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