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An Integrated Multi-disciplinary Pain Management Program

The “REGAIN” program

Chronic Persistent Pain can be complex and can affect many aspects of your life including: Family, Friends, Work, Children, Financial, Social life, Fitness, Health, Relationships and your Daily routines.

The “REGAIN” program is a group program specifically designed for sufferers of Chronic Pain and is aimed to address many of these problems and to help you regain control of your life.

Pain is a very personal experience. No one except you can completely understand what you are feeling. The “REGAIN” your life program provides the foundation in the long term treatment and management of chronic persistent pain and will cover the key steps to help you live better with your pain condition.

The strategies you will learn in the “REGAIN” program are practical and common sense strategies based on effective and widely researched approach to pain management.

Our Multidisciplinary Pain Management Team consisting of a Pain Medicine Specialist, Pain Physiotherapist and Pain Psychologist and are extensively trained, accredited and specialise in Chronic Pain Management.

Who is “REGAIN” for?

  • For individuals with chronic pain. (Usually defined as persistent pain for longer than 3 months.)
  • The individual’s lifestyle has become restricted as a result of the pain.
  • The individual is emotionally distressed by the pain. (e.g. depressed, stressed, angry or frustrated).
  • There are no plans for any or further surgical intervention for the pain problem.

To attend participants must be:

  • Willing to attend all sessions and willing to accept the goals of the program.
  • Willing to accept that daily activities will not make pain worse.
  • Over 18 years of age.

Aims of “REGAIN”

“REGAIN” does not aim to “fix or “cure” the individual’s pain, but rather to teach individuals how to feel more in control of their situation. The specific aims of “REGAIN” include:

  • To improve daily functioning and encourage involvement in a range of life activities.
  • To reduce pain related suffering such as depressed mood, dependency and stress.
  • To reduce reliance on strong pain medications.(Pain Medication may take the edge of pain but will not cure it).
  • To promote self reliance and self management through an increased understanding of chronic persistent pain, and thereby reducing the need for ongoing medical or physiotherapy treatments for pain.
  • To encourage greater self-reliance by teaching the individual more effective pain coping strategies.
  • To assist in return to work or vocational retraining where this is appropriate. (Within a realistic time frame).

How does the “REGAIN” Treatment Program Run?

  • “REGAIN” runs over eight weeks and participants are expected to attend two full days each week from 9am. (Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday).
  • A multi-disciplinary team consisting of a Pain Specialist, Clinical Psychologist, and Physiotherapist will conduct the “REGAIN” program.
  • Home practice is an integral part of learning coping skills and tasks are set for participants to practice in between sessions.
  • A follow-up group session will be conducted 4 to 6 weeks after the end of the program to review progress and to assist in maintaining changes.
  • Patients with a work related or compensational condition are encouraged to have a close liaison between their rehabilitation providers and the “REGAIN” clinicians to co-ordinate their return to work plans.
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