Sydney Spine & Pain

Kim Richardson

I have gained my medical knowledge over my years of service in the medical industry where I have obtained several skills , general office administration, customer service, workers compensation & CTP claims.

Besides making people laugh I always found the “Regain” program very rewarding, to see the patients take that initial step towards making their lives more comfortable as it does affect other aspects of their lives. Participating in “Regain” programme allows the patient’s to form strong bonds with other pain sufferers and ensures them they are not alone.
With my years of experience in the medical industry it has taught me to be empathetic and have a sympathetic ear, also having a good working relationship with my co-workers and working as a team is crucial.

A friendly smile can go a long way for a person’s well being. Outside of my day 9-5 position I run my own business and I am an entertainer and I love making people happy.

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